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Custom Weddings For Every Budget

We believe that every Bride and Groom deserve the special day they deserve.  We assist from the budgeting stage to the cutting of the cake if needed.

Traditional Weddings

If dozens and dozens of red roses and a black tie affair are what you are looking for, you have come to the right place.  Although ultra-formal affairs are thought to be quite pricey, we can show you how to have that elegant wedding of you dreams and still have money left over for the honeymoon.

Everyone in evening gowns and tuxedos not your thing but you still want strictly traditional?  That's OK too.  We make sure all religious and cultural traditions are strictly adhered to when appropriate.

Does an Inter-Faith or Inter-Cultural ceremony and reception have you at a loss of what to do?  We will personally design your event to make sure that all needed traditions are given equal weight.  We do extensive research for each event like this, from a quick internet search to interviews with clergy and cultural leaders to your parents and grandparents if they can be of help.

Non-Traditional Weddings

A wedding should ultimately reflect the personalities of the couple being married.  If that is cathederal trains and tails that's great, but what if that's just not you? 

This is where we really help you build your wedding around You, the bride and groom.  It does not mean dispensing with all tradition in all cases, but in many it does.

Organic Weddings
Glam Weddings
Goth Weddings
Era Theme Weddings (20's, 50's etc.)
Informal Weddings
Beach Weddings
100's of others and combinations of all of them!

Last Minute Help!!!!

Did things start to spiral out of control at the last minute?  Were they never really in control to start with?  Don't worry we can help.  Now, we can't work miracles, but we know what we can and cannot do with no time to work with and we will do all we can in the little time we have left.


Many people already have their venues selected and sometimes booked before they contact us.  Others have an idea but nothing set in stone.  Still others don't have a clue where they want to hold their ceremony or reception or both.  All of these are OK.  We can help you select a venue or just help you navigate through all of the decisions if you already have one.

We have an extensive list of Florists, Photographers, Bakers, DJ's, Dressmakers, Tuxedo Shops, Printers etc...

We do make an attempt to use local vendors as much as possible.  They tend to offer a much higher level of service and can frequently save you money.  Sometimes this is not possible because of unique services required.  Rest assured, you will never be asked to do business with someone you are not comfortable with.

Commitment Ceremonies

We would be honored to assist a loving couple plan their Commitment Ceremony and accompanying affair.